Birth Of A Nation

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The Story Of The Greatest Century In British History

The 17th Century saw London at the heart of the most dramatic century in British history.  Its events and the protagonists involved in them have shaped the city today as well as the world beyond.

Visiting significant historic London landmarks as well as hidden curiosities, Birth Of A Nation is a privately guided storytelling experience. 

It tells the story of the 17th Century events that led to the creation of the United Kingdom through London’s people, places and personalities.  

The London Storyteller believes that this is the most exciting century in history and the most important in shaping the modern city of London that we know and love today.

Birth Of A Nation has been curated to be accessible, entertaining as all good cultural, historical storytelling should!  

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Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, Tom Barclay Matchett will guide you through the epic story of the people, places and events that shaped his favourite century in history. A time shaped by superstition, war, disaster, restoration and redemption that gave birth to the United Kingdom.


We are happy to customise the route and experience to help accommodate mobility requirements as well as adding special stops and visits. We're always mindful too of the changeable British weather and can adapt to suit.


Presented as a storytelling experience that visits the locations in London that bore witness to the end of the medieval city and London's rebirth as the centre of the world's leading global superpower.

Traditional English Food

We are happy to add to the itinerary for the route stops for food and refreshments. Options include some of the oldest pubs in London.


London & The Birth Of A Nation is a walking tour with some public transport links about the best century in history.

Chapter One - The Successor

Once there was an England ruled by a virgin Queen with the heart of a King. When London welcomed her successor from Scotland the city was to begin a century like no other in the history of civilization.

Chapter Two - A Revolutionary King

James I’s reign was to define a vision for the nations of Britain through his conviction of his appointment by God to rule. His vision would not only shape the 17th century in London but the world beyond into the present day.

Chapter Three - The Lost Prince

The tragic, untimely death of a young Prince that then shaped the story of the century, the city and the world beyond.

Chapter Four - Man Of Blood

King Charles I, the unfancied heir to the throne of James I was an enigma. Beloved and hated; a complicated man who acting in good faith but convinced of his unquestionable right in all things as King. We explore the story of a man who lead three nations into division.

Chapter Five - Parliament, War & Regicide

A war that pitched fathers against sons, brothers against brothers and led to the act of regicide at a time when superstition and prophecy entranced the nation.

Chapter Six - The Man Who Would Not Be King

Born into the lowest echelons of the gentry, Oliver Cromwell, emerged as one of the nation’s most controversial heads of state in history. This was a time of great austerity in England, brutal military campaigns and puritan values.

Chapter Seven - Restoration, Pestilence & Fire

Following the death of the Lord Protector, Charles II was recognised and effectively restored to the throne of England leading to one of the most colourful and dramatic periods of rule in English history.

Chapter Eight - The New City

London was transformed from the ashes of its medieval buildings into a modern city that reflected a new search for enlightenment and stands as the foundations of the modern city and nation we know today.

Chapter Ten - The Glorious Revolution

Upon an invasion like no-other in English history, the Glorious Revolution provided the platform upon which James I’s vision of a United Kingdom could finally be secured.

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"Tom is a very interesting, energetic, and professional guide. He definitely has the gift of gab. He was able to seamlessly mix history, current events and a good amount of my interests into the tour."
San Francisco
"Tom was very knowledgeable about the history of all the places we saw on the walking tour and told us many a story about London. He was passionate about his city!"
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