Bespoke Private London Tours

Bespoke London Tours

Enjoy a fully bespoke London experience, you will be privately guided on a tour or through a curated programme making the most of your visit to the city or providing you with the perfectly tailored London discovery experience.



London has so much to offer and we know that nothing is more precious than our time of our clients when they are discovering the finest city on earth.  

Our bespoke London tours and experiences are tailored to our guests and their interests; whether for intrepid solo travellers, couples, families and larger delegations.

As well as London’s many cultural treasures, we know that many of our guests and clients love that we can create something unique that explores their interests, passions and cultivate their curiosity.

Whether it is a special tour customised to fit with a stop over, a full or even an extended stay; The London Storyteller will prepare an itinerary drawing from expert knowledge and love of discovery.

As well as our specialties in storytelling, history, culture and local insights; The London Storyteller also offers our clients a boutique approach to catering for interests and requests as unique as they are.

Half and Full Day bespoke London tours can be booked directly or for an extended stay or a quick fire short tour; please reach out to The London Storyteller at info(at)  

Why Choose A Bespoke London Tour?

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller himself, your bespoke experience will be hosted by our founder, Thomas Barclay Matchett. Tom is a storyteller through words, images and music. His passion for curioristy, creativity and discovery has inspired him to develop what has been described as an 'encyclopedic knowledge' of the people, places and personalities that have shaped London's history, culture, architecture and associated stories. Tom seeks to inspire his guests from all backgrounds across many interests and through engaging storytelling.

Dining & Attractions

We're happy to make informal recommendations - a popular request from our clients - for great places to eat and drink, especially when we can share from our authentic local 'in the know' experience. For special requests and perhaps more discerning interests, we can also prepare a selection of carefully researched recommendations and make reservations in advance as an optional extra with our bespoke london tour service.


It isn't the flexibility to tailor what you want to discover, as well as when and where you want to do it that makes our bespoke london tours so sought after. More than a decade of living in London has given us plenty of experience with the wonderfully changeable British weather. We're mindful of this with our tours and so are weather flexible in our planning. Our experience helps us to adapt and we have found too that last minute alternatives can sometimes be a perfect surprise.

Luxury Transport

Our bespoke London tours include options by arrangement for helping you get into and around London and beyond; whether this is booking a pick up by taxi cab, reserving train tickets, a private coach, luxury vehicle or even a helicopter ride. The beauty of going bespoke is that we can scale the service to what you need and what you want. We're happy to help with the smaller details in making our guest's experiences enjoyable, such as arranging Public Transport passes in advance, as well as meeting and parting with our guests where is most convenient to them.


How We Create Your Bespoke Experience

Please see below a breakdown of our process for tailoring your bespoke cultural discovery of the finest city on earth!

Step One - Booking & Enquiries

We recommend booking directly from the outset so that we can ensure that you will have the date that you prefer. Alternatively, we are happy to respond to enquiries in case you would like to explore options further with us or have any questions that you may like to ask.

Step Two - Planning Your Experience

As soon as we have received your booking or enquiry, we will be touch with you initially via email to ask some questions that will help us understand more about you, your other guests the nature of your trip and what you would love to discover in London. If required we may ask for phone call to help to get to know you better and are always happy to schedule this at a time convenient for your time zone.

Step Three - Making Your Plan

As required, we’ll put together an itinerary, which offers a clear summary as well as greater detail providing you with an indication of any additional costs and other recommendations that you may wish to consider. We will send this you and will welcome your feedback in case we need to make further revisions. After all, our goal is to make you happy and to give you an outstanding experience while you are here in London.

Step Four - Relax & Discover London

The next step is simple, relax and enjoy your time with The London Storyteller and your bespoke discovery of the finest city on earth.


Experience Notes

Suggested Meeting Point

Bespoke tours and experinces have no set meeting or end point because by their nature they are uniquely tailored to the needs of our guests. 

Whether we meet you at your hotel or another location entirely such as an attraction, restaurant or station is up to you and we include all of central London as standard within our bespoke tour offering.

Likewise for the end point of a tour and if you are looking for suggestions that compliment your experience with us such as ending at a must see attraction, a foodie haven or hidden gem of a local pub, then please just reach out to us as we can plan for this as part of the experience.

We are happy to suggest meeting points and end points for your tour, one of these at Green Park is excellent for connections around Buckingham Palace and Mayfair.

What People Say

"In London with my teen daughters for a couple of days and wanted a tour that would give us some history and keep them interested. Tom was the perfect man for the job. Knowledgeable, witty, and fun he is totally in tune with his clients needs, and shared with us just the right amount of information and stories as not to overwhelm my daughters, but keep them interested and spike their curiosity. Beautiful walk, we learned a lot about the Royal family, the monarchy and British history. I wholeheartedly recommend a tour with Tom, a great storyteller and lovely guide!"
United States
"My husband and I spent a day in London with Tom. We had a great time and learned so much! Tom is a great story teller. He told us lots of interesting stories as we walked around the city. I was also impressed that he had done some extra research on some of the topics that I had told him we were interested in. A great time!"
United States
"Fabulous day out with The London Storyteller. We asked to 'see the sights' and we achieved this with friendly and amusing stories of London. Buckingham Palace, StJames Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, StPauls Cathedral - we were exhausted but spellbound. Tom is full of tales and anecdotes - all fascinating and engaging. We have tried seeing the sites on our own before - now we know the correct way (we are plotting a return with 'The London Storyteller' soon)"
Yorkshire, United Kingdom
"Tom really is a great storyteller! I had a great time on this tour and learned so much about the history of the city. Because I had interest in architecture and other topics that weren't scheduled for the planned tour, Tom offered me the option to go off schedule and took me to areas fitting my interests. He is knowledgeable about so many topics! As a first time visitor to London, he also gave me advice about getting around the city and things to see. I highly recommend a tour with Tom!"
United States
"My two young adult kids(ages 20 and 23) and I took the Shoreditch walking tour with Tom. He was phenomenal! He is an extremely knowledgeable historian and has led a robust and interesting life. He pulled from his personal experience as well as well as historical knowledge to make the tour extremely engaging and informative. He adapted the tail end of the tour to my kids’ interests (vintage shopping lol!) which was wonderful. He also gave us tons of tips for other great day trips in and around London. He also has a spectacular phone camera and offered to take photos of us against some of the graffiti walls. The pictures are my favorite group shots of our trip! Thanks Tom for a fantastic tour!"
United States
"Tom is an amazing guide - he arranged a tour following our preferences and showed us the ongoing transition of the city with a mixture of history and modern art. 2,5hrs full of exciting stories and insights made it even impressive for a teenager. Thanks so much, Tom! Best regards Nick & Oliver"
"We had the best day with Tom. I actually wish our schedules had worked out for a second tour on another day, but they did not. Tom took us to see "all the things"! We walked for hours, but never felt it because we were having fun! Highly recommend, you will have the best tour!"
United States
"Tom is a marvellous storyteller. And his stories are the mixture of historical facts, his own memories, comments by members of his previous walks and the overarching context through the eyes of him as a local. Each of the several walks with Tom I have experienced is really perfect way to learn more about and understand London "
United States


Please feel free to reach out to The London Storyteller below regarding your interest in creating a bespoke tour or experience for you here in London and beyond. 


You won’t be asking any stupid questions (as there are no such things) and we welcome all manner of personalisation requests.  This might be for a few hours, a day or an entire week.  It could just be for you, your family or your very own super group of team mates.  

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