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About Us

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The London Storyteller inspires audiences through storytelling in many forms.

Our Story

The London Storyteller has grown from many years of exploration, study and practice.What better subject matter is there for a born storyteller than that of London, the finest city on earth? Its history, its people, places, personalities. A city with two thousand years of history and rapidly developing new horizons.Our story started in 2017, when in an attempt to balance the many hours of home working on film and broadcasting projects; I introduced a daily regiment of walking. As circumstances prevailed I was asked to host some private tours of London for visiting guests, which seemed like a perfect fit. To be paid, quite handsomely as it transpired, with the opportunity to improve one's health and revel in one's passions.More ambitious adventures and client requests were sent to me; tours created, trips planned and subsequently plaudits received.I have been grateful to receive many wonderful reviews from my guests. This is always gratifying as I take particular pride in researching the subjects of my private tours and the experiences that I create for my clients in great detail.All of which brings us to The London Storyteller and what it can do for you, your guests and your team.We offer a selection of carefully curated private tours. These cover London's history, its highlights and topics such as art, architecture, music, film, food and drink.Our specialty is in creating bespoke itineraries for our guests. These are planned with great thought and research to create a unique experience for our client's to enjoy.I am looking forward to meeting and welcoming many new audiences, clients and friends in 2018 to the finest city on earth especially those new partners that will be taking advantage of our Cultural Attache service.Thomas Barclay Matchett, The London Storyteller

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