Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns

Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns

Sorry Mum, Bang Goes The Knighthood!

This tour is an entertaining royal romp available in three flavoursome variations allowing you to focus on the most entertaining anecdotes of the monarchy with a wholesome dose of de ja vu for those looking to delve a little deeper into the background of the myths, legends and headlines. From royal romances such as William & Kate, Harry & Meghan, Albert & Victoria to some of the more scandalous moments from the past and present of the monarchy.
The London Storyteller offers Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns as a three hour format for those interested in the modern monarchy and an equivalent that delves more into history.  For true enthusiasts, there’s a five hour epic cover which brings it all together. These experiences cover many of the iconic royal locations in London, as well as some lesser known highlights. We can also tailor your experience further upon request to as far as the imagination can stretch.
Private Guide

Be guided by the creator of the tour, The London Storyteller aka Thomas Barclay Matchett. A cultural historian and storyteller with a deep knowledge of all things royal from history through to contemporary themes.

Capture The Memory

You will be visiting some of the most picturesque and historic locations that London has to offer. We're happy to help you capture the moment using our experience of the best shots and angles to snap you with during our tour. For an extra special document of your experience, we are pleased to offer our new Picture Book service available by prior arrangement. Please contact us directly at info(at) for details.

Historic & Contemporary Locations

These tours feature many of the great iconic London locations such as Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Clarence House and Horse Guards as well as some hidden and lesser known spots too. Please feel free to reach out to us in advance if you would like to know but similarly, we request that you are mindful of the emphasis being as much on the associated stories as it is the location.

Customisable Upgrades

Why not compliment your tour experience with a creative customisation?! This might be adapting the route to meet or end at a particularly convenient location or scheduling an experience that will pair perfectly such as ending with afternoon tea or finding a fine spot for lunch or dinner. To find out more please use the form at the footer of the page or email We also offer a fully bespoke service serving all manner of personalisations.

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Itinerary Options

The London Storyteller is pleased to offer Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns in the three great flavours including Modern, Historic and a combined best of both worlds Epic.



The Epic Combo

Featuring locations including the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, Covent Garden, The Mall, St James Palace and Buckingham Palace.
Featuring locations including the Kensington Palace, The Albert Memorial, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and assorted other hidden spots.
Stretching from the east of the city at the Tower to The Mall, Mayfair and Kensington; this epic combo of our Historic and Modern Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereign Tours covers many of London’s most iconic locations amongst lesser known spots.
Chapter One: Medieval Malevolence

Executions, coin clipping and other miseries under medieval monarchs, as we pass by our first location; the infamous iconic palace, prison and fortress of the Tower of London

Chapter Two: Henry VIII

He’s the bad boy brexiteer of the 16th century and everyone’s favourite flame haired wife murdering tyrant.

Chapter Three: Charles & Diana Go Large

Everything was bigger in the 80s and when the Berlin Wall wasn’t being knocked down and JR Ewing wasn’t being shot, eyes turned to the grand scene of St Paul’s cathedral for the mother of all weddings sealing the most famous if perhaps not enduring royal romances, Charles & Diana.

Chapter Four: The Merry Monarch

After years of impoverished exile Charles II was restored to the throne by a nation ravaged by years of austere rule under military dictatorship and parliament, where he quickly brought some levity back to London through the reinvention of theatre and taking a very enthusiastic interest in actresses.

Chapter Five: Hanoverian Hanky Panky

Madness, scandal, love, romance, infamy; the reign of George III and those of his sons are perhaps amongst the most colourful in the history of the British monarchy. Modern day royal rebels have nothing on the Prince Regent’s scope for scandal and excess.

Chapter Six: Papist Plots & Sibling Sell Outs
The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was engineered in rather more inglorious circumstances bringing about revolution, invasion and the constitutional monarchy we know today.
Chapter One: Family Fiascos

From the Glorious Revolution to the causes of World War I; we touch upon some of the surprising connections between Kensington Palace and the scandalous stories associated with it.

Chapter Two: The Spare

Because nothing keeps your life private like an interview with Oprah, two volumes of Netflix interviews, an autobiography, podcasts and exclusive interviews. We delve into the story of Duke & Duchess of Sussex’s worldwide privacy tour and how this royal romance turned to a scandal of self-indulgence.

Chapter Three: Wills & Kate

The Prince and Princess of Wales and a delve into their story, life and romance. Yes, at time of going to press, these palace pin ups can do no wrong…well, on this side of the atlantic at least.

Chapter Four: The Queen & Prince Philip

Unquestionably one of the great, enduring lifetime love affairs in the history of the royal family with our late peerless monarch HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. A life of service, duty, corgis and some wickedly witty one liners.

Chapter Five: Wallis Simpson Vs Adolf Hitler

In a close shave for the British public on both fronts, Edward VIII has gone down in history for his infamous associations both before and after the abdication crisis of 1936.

Chapter Five: Edward the Carresser

A long wait, a short reign but plenty of fun along the way; Edward VII, the son of Queen Victoria, it may be said made the most of the time on his hands before ascending to the throne and was never too far from some scintillating scandal or other.

Chapter Six: George VI & HM Queen Elizabeth
A royal romance born upon by the unexpected responsibility of both the crown and as a war sovereign at a time of war, that would end in premature tragedy but give birth to a new Elizabethan age.
Volume One: Historic Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns

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Volume Two: Modern Royal Romance & Scandalous Sovereigns


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