Private London History Tours

private london history tours

Private London History Tours

Please take a look at just some of the London Storyteller's privately guided London history tours. We also create for many of our guests bespoke history tours that are tailored to our guests interests or explore more unexpected topics.

3.5 Hour Private Guided Storytelling Experience

Churchill's London

Discover story of Sir Winston Churchill's life in London

6 Hour Private Guided Storytelling Experience

The Story Of London

Discover the story of the finest city on earth through its people, places and personalities

3.5 Hour Tour

Swinging Sixties London Tour

Discover the places and hear the stories of how London made the sixties swing!

3 Hour Private Tour Of Local London

Samuel Pepys's London

Discover the story of the Great Plague, Charles II and the Great Fire Of London through the diary of Samuel Pepys

2 Hour Royal Tour

The Story Of Kensington Palace

Discover the story of the people, places and personalities who shaped Kensington Palace

4 Hour Cultural History Tour

London's Historical Underbelly Private Tour

Take a walk on the dark of London's history through some of its more obscure places

Bespoke private tour of London
London Fully Tailored & Customised For You

Bespoke London Tours

Discover London with a bespoke privately guided tour.



Tailor London for you! Discover London on your terms with the expert insight and knowledge of The London Storyteller.

What's Included

These are some of the key highlights for what we include and offer in our tours. All of our tours are privately guided and we are always happy to receive requests for further personalising our guests's experiences with us.

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, Thomas Barclay Matchett; your tour is provided to you and your guests on a dedicated basis.

Curated Itinerary

Our privately guided walking tours are curated to provide you with a carefully planned route that many of our happy guests have enjoyed before.


Choose from one of The London Storyteller's privately guided history tours or ask him to create something bespoke. The London Storyteller loves history and always welcomes opportunities to explore new stories with his guests. If you don't see a history tour or another subject that grabs your interest, then please tell us what would grab you !


We know how valuble time is when our guests are visitng. You can request for us to shorten a particular tour and also extend, if you just can't get enough of our storytelling goodness. If you are looking for a completely customised expierence please do explore our Bespoke Private Tours & Experiences section.


We are always happy to make recommendations for places to dine at the end of our tours. Just contact us once you have booked and we will be happy to make you a reservation.

Capturing Memories

Your private guide is a professional film maker. As well as being happy to take snap shots, we can also produce unique memory books of your tour for an additional fee and organise for these to be shared with your chosen recipients.

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