Swinging Sixties London Tour

Swinging Sixties London


London in the 1960s was a cultural hotbed for music, art and fashion.
From the Beatles to the Stones and The Who to Jimi Hendrix; it was home to and scene some of the most exciting music and cultural phenomenons that endure to this day.
This storytelling tour shares the stories of some of the personalities and also, what really made it all happen and what was going on in London to bring it all together!
You’ll hear the story of how John met Yoko, how the Beatles came bowed out in public and how The Who’s Tommy was born, as well as some The London Storyteller’s own personal anecdotes. 

You will see some of the hidden locations, as well as the former homes of musicians from the explosion of creativity in swinging sixties London and hear stories including those garnered from The London Storyteller’s anecdotes, research and interviews with some of the movers and shakers who saw and shaped a whole scene going.

This three and a half hour tour is a walking tour with a couple of connections by cab exploring through Mayfair into Soho and then up to the famous Abbey Road Studios.   

Included is a drink on the way and a couple of links by taxi, additionally we can also include a visit inside of Jimi Hendrix’s home by prior arrangement (please contact info@thelondonstoryteller.com if you would like this included).

Inclusions & Customisations

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, you and your guests will be given an exclusively hosted tour. Tom Barclay Matchett draws from his passion and experience as a musician as well as unique insights from the primary research of his thesis exploring the cocktail of London's pop culture and radical art in the 1960s.

Go Bespoke!

Why not make a day of it and extend the tour to see even more of the finest city on earth! Please email us at info@thelondonstoryteller.com to let us know more about what you would like to discover.

Refreshments Included

We'll be stopping off at a suitably storied watering hole along this tour for a quick break and refreshment with a drink for all guests included in the price of the tour.

Pick Up & Drop Off

The tour starts at the conveniently located Green Park Station and ends at a well located tube station for returning to the city centre. We can also offer a pick up and drop off service too.



Discover an authentic slice of local London with storytelling and best British breakfast in town!

Meeting Point: Green Park

Located just a stone’s throw from London’s upmarket Mayfair district and Buckingham Palace, Green Park Station is really well connected offering the Jubilee, Victoria and Piccadilly underground lines.

Chapter One: A Whole Scene Going

We’ll visit a hidden cultural hotspot where the world of art and popular culture collided. Expect some surprising the stories, anecdotes and the tale of how John met Yoko . Plus, what happened when Jimi Hendrix landed in London and just why did Britain and London produce so many great musicians in the 1960s?

Chapter Two: A is for Apple

As George Harrison once wrote, its “one for you nineteen for me”, we’ll explore the story of how sky high super tax led the Fab Four to forming a different kind of revolution and bring them to one of last great moments of glory. Expect tales of extravagance extraordinaire in the heart of the establishment and some secrets from one of the most surprising addresses in London.

Chapter Three: The Birth Of Tommy: From Soho down to Brighton and then the World!

When it comes to London bands in the sixties, there’s no substitute for The Who (apologies Mick, Keith and The Kinks) but how did four Shepherd’s Bush geezers go from being almost broke and on the verge of implosion (into a band we now know as Led Zeppelin) to conquering the world with that craziest of all ideas; the story of a pinball messiah told through a rock opera. You’ll discover the story of how The Who’s Tommy was born and where Messrs Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon set out to conquer Woodstock.

Intermission: Pirate Pals

We’ll stop off at a once legendary music venue (now a pub) for refreshment, where you’ll hear the story of one of Britain’s great broadcasters (and personal friend) and his adventures as a pirate radio DJ.

Chapter Four: A Day In The Life

Itinerary We’ll visit the places a couple of London’s biggest 1960s music legends called home. From Hanoverian ghosts to infamous busts by the boys in blue; tales will be told of how sixties began not just to swing but to spin out of control.Content

Chapter Five: And In The End, Abbey Road

We’ll round our magical mystery tour off with a visit to the location of the famous Abbey Road Studios. Its not only where Pink Floyd cut their first album and the Beatles made Sgt. Pepper, as well as much of their other great music under the watchful eye of George Martin but also home to the most famous crossing in the world of rock n roll. To wrap up your swinging sixties session, The London Storyteller will happily show you to a nearby pub or to the local underground station with a selection of Beatles memorabilia.



*Except Algebra and long multiplication, as they are storytelling kryptonite.

“We had a great time with Tom! He was so friendly, knowledgeable about the city and history, and a great storyteller. We felt like were walking around London with a friend. We were also grateful for the non-rushed paced and the fact that he offered to at every stop of interest to take our photo. Since it’s just the two of us traveling, it’s a real treat to have more than just selfies! ”
“Great guide. Tom is a really caring and knowledgeable down to earth person, I highly recommend this tour. He gave us background, insight and perspective to everything and did it so comfortably; made us really connect to London.”
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