London Relocation & On Boarding Services

Relocation & On-boarding

Enriching The Employee Experience

The London Storyteller helps assignees and families make their London experience a successful one.

Whether its a short term assignment or long term relocation, we enhance our clients’s employee value proposition and accelerate a successful on-boarding process.

We transform the established orientation experience to create bespoke itineraries that are tailored to support assignees and their families; we help people to engage with the strands of London culture that interest them by serving new and long term assignees with local trusted knowledge, advice and cultural discovery.

Increasing Assignment Success

We all know the statistics. More than 65% of failed relocation assignments do so because of family related issues causing distress for key employees and damage for businesses in the sustainability of their growth and development.

The London Storyteller's bespoke model provides can serve as a foundation for creating a successful on-boarding programme and equally as a key differentiator in making a great one even better.

Postive Cultural Impacts

Boosting Engagement

Its all too easy for assignees to feel disconnected when relocating to a city of London's scale and diversity. The London Storyteller is here to support its clients through cultural engagement in the aspects of London life and the city's cultural fabric to help them thrive in the finest city on earth.

Enriching Culture

Reputation, productivity, quality of life are all key pillars in improving employee retention and increasing scope for acquiring new talent. The London Storyteller can help you to achieve greater success in these fields on a short and long term outlook.

EVP Distinction

London is a leading location for bringing people together to do business. Our services help businesses in adding and distinguishing the quality of their employee value proposition by making the experience of London assignees happier, better informed and more culturally engaged, faster.

Live, Work & Thrive In London

The London Storyteller is here to help people fulfill their potential through creating relevant, inspiring and engaging experiences that helps to make London a great place to live, work and thrive. We achieve success through understanding our clients their culture, interests and aspirations; ultimately its about helping them in making the most of their relocation work for all.

We treat each assignee and their family as unique, so our first step is to get to know their requirements, interests, concerns and ambitions for their London relocation.  We tailor this process to suit availability and how our clients like to work, whether its directly with the assignee and their family or through a human resources team and relocation agent.  

We know that the process of relocation can be a very busy time and so we strive to make engagement with us responsive, effective and convenient.  For us this also an opportunity to understand your goals, gain a deeper insight into the culture and values that matter to your business and most importantly your people.

We’ll focus on developing an itinerary and plan for your assignee’s cultural discovery experiences in London using our extensive local knowledge and insight, as well as researching  special interests and requirements.  

We will provide you with a documented outline for the programme. We can tailor this further upon request as well as providing a breakdown of additional costs that may be involved and other options that you may wish to consider.

Discovering London as a new home we believe should be inspiring, informative and engaging.  We take a professional and personable approach that respects the culture of our clients and guests, whilst also introducing them to what their new home has to offer them. 

Helping people to discover London can embrace a broad spectrum of cultural experiences, places, know how and activities.  This can range from orientation around a neighbourhood to engaging with London’s iconic people, places and personalities or discovering the relevant lifestyle hubs for the people we serve.  The programme can be run from one day to multiple days over an extended period at times convenient to our guests.  Its also a great opportunity to help with questions and provide recommendations. 

We value the relationships that we build with the people we serve and from experience know that it provides reassurance to our guests that they know they have a local point of contact who can provide them  with advice a step away from the formality of their working culture.  

Whether its providing ongoing support to help an assignee to settle in for the long term or helping those on shorter assignments to make their London experience an exceptional one; we are here to help them find new inspiration, reassurance and to thrive in the finest city on earth. 

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Settling In Packages

Popular, proven and offering a solution that tailors to your assignees whilst being scalable to your organisation’s broader requirements; we have three compelling packages that cater for a broadscope of settling in needs for members of your team relocating to London.


Four Days Bespoke Cultural Discovery

Gold Package

Our flagship offering for people relocating to London and the UK. Offering a structured programme of bespoke private tours in London, The London Storyteller's Gold package includes four full days; these can alternatively be broken into eight half days and scheduled on dates to suit over a six week period.


Full Day Bespoke Cultural Discovery

Silver Package

A favourite for clients who would like to dedicate a day to discovering London and help them settle into their new home city. Our silver package includes a full day of privately guided bespoke cultural discovery tailored to their interests and needs.


Half Day Bespoke Cultural Discovery

Bronze Package

We know how valuable time is when you first reach a new city and our bronze package has been developed to help our clients make an initial leap into the finest city on earth.