Relocation & Settling In: Gold Package


Our flagship offering for people relocating to London and the UK.

Offering a structured programme of bespoke private tours in London, The London Storyteller’s Gold package includes four full days; these can alternatively be broken into eight half days and scheduled on dates to suit over a six week period.


We will be in touch with you by email within 24 hours to find out more about you and what you would like to discover.  Our consultation process are usually conducted via telephone or over email to suit our client’s busy schedules.

Once we’ve conducted our consultation with you, we will prepare a dossier -or rather Planning Pack- that outlines the bespoke itinerary and schedule for your settling in experience.  We’ll use this initially to refine the programme to meet with your priorities and then will supply a finalised copy that you may find useful for future reference.

We’ll work out the dates for your introduction to the finest city on earth at the consultation phase.  For our Gold package customers, you can choose to schedule your sessions either as full days (eight hours) or half days (four hours) as most appeals to you.  These can be taken either in a single continuous block (concurrently, subject to availability) or broken down over a six week period.  

Because our offering is bespoke, we can tailor your experiences to be family friendly.  This might mean finding a wonderful playground in the city, prioritising places to visit that are more easily accessible or specific requirements that you share with us during the consultation phase.

Your booking fee covers the time to research, manage and deliver your settling in experience.  This does not include expenses such as admission fees, transport and subsistence. 

These expenses will be included in your Planning Pack on an estimated basis to give you full oversight.  This allows you to customise your experience as much as you like, so that you can choose restaurants you may like to visit or attractions you may like to explore as you wish.  Equally, The London Storyteller prides himself on finding the best value places and experiences that are entirely free to make your initial discovery of London extra special.


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