The Story Of London

The Story Of London


Discover The Story Of The Finest City On Earth

The London Storyteller invites you on a journey through two thousand years of history and the epic story of the finest city on earth.

This storytelling experience travels through the locations where Londoners and visitors have been treading since for more than two millenia.  

Such is the constantly evolving nature of the city and the drama of its history that it is perhaps only through the stories of people, places and personalities that one can discover their worlds.


This is an experience for those enthused by time travel and the events that have shaped London to be the metropolis, as well as glimpsing into its evolving future.

From the Romans to Royals, great fires to rampaging barbarians; this tour will enable you to see places old, new and discover the stories behind them.

You can always choose to customise your experience too by contacting us directly at

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, Tom Barclay Matchett will guide you through the epic story of the people, places and events that have shaped London's two thousand year history bringing you to the present with a glimpse of the city's future.


The route offers guests a choice between wonderful walks through historic locations and some of the best, greenest views of London or spending more time in traditional English pubs with excellent, quick transport links.


More than just another tour, this is an adventure through time curated with a narrative that makes the story of London entertaining, informative and accessible.

Great highlights

Relax knowing that this tour combines history with great sites and interesting spots that will be inspiring for all the family and your group with some great photo opportunities to show the folks back home!



The Story Of London is a walking tour with some public transport links. It is privately hosted which means that the tour can be booked for a time convenient to you and is just for your guests.

Chapter One - A Mighty River Flows Through It

Starting at one of the city’s most iconic landmarks that reaches over the Thames River; the story begins.

Chapter Two - The Romans: Birth Of City

The oldest part of the city is now heart of the biggest trading centre in the world and it was here where the Roman’s cultivated the civic sophistication that has been London’s cultural foundation ever since.

Chapter Three - The Death Star Moves In

The Norman Conquest of the 11th century left a mighty footprint across the city in a series of mega structures in London and beyond.

Chapter Four - Medieval London

How London grew to become hot spot for luxury shopping and climbed its way back up to being one of the most influential cities in Europe.

Chapter Five - Pepys' London: Plague, Fire & Reconstruction

In a ten year period, London saw the restoration of the English monarchy, an infamous plague and devastation by fire. We explore this history through the life and words of 17th century diarist, Samuel Pepys.

Chapter Seven - All That Life Can Afford

As London became the world’s leading city and a powerhouse for innovation, it also created many new challenges for itself. We explore some of that historical underbelly through Dr Samuel Johnson’s poem London of 1738 and the art of William Hogarth.

Chapter Eight - Revolutions & The Birth Of Modern Britain

In the heart of London’s poltical district, we explore two revolutions that shaped the story of the finest city on earth, Britain and the world.

Chapter Nine - War

The world wars of the 20th century brought a new terror to lives of Londoners in the form of aerial bombardments as early as 1915; we look at the toll the city took, how it responded and Winston Churchill’s role as a leading figure in both world wars.

Chapter Ten - The Restless Phoenix

The finest city on earth continues to grow, evolve and change; we explore down the river to the place where time begins and to complete our day from one of London’s finest views.

"Tom is a very interesting, energetic, and professional guide. He definitely has the gift of gab. He was able to seamlessly mix history, current events and a good amount of my interests into the tour."
San Francisco
"Tom was very knowledgeable about the history of all the places we saw on the walking tour and told us many a story about London. He was passionate about his city!"

Experience Notes

This tour begins at Tower Hill Station which is on the Circle and District lines.

Our scheduled end point is a Primrose Hill near Camden Town near to Chalk Farm Road Station.

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