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Monarchy Meets Musical Majesty

This is a story about London through its coronations and concerts, triumphs and tragedy, conquering the world and ruling a kingdom.  A three hour privately guided tour with a selection of customisable features that will give even the pickiest of princesses or the most volatile of patented exploding drummers satisfaction.

No other place on earth can combine rock with royalty like London.  We’re the home of crowds for coronations and concerts; the stage for Beatles on rooftops and royal families on balconies.

Rock n royalty might seem like a strange brew but it brings together the exploits of excess and excellence of randy royals, majestic monarchs and brilliant Beatles on the same page.  Exploring through Kensington Palace Gardens to Buckingham Palace, St James to Mayfair and Abbey Road; this tour is an amazing journey through royal London and the Kingdom of Rock.

From ancient and archaic institutions like the Rolling Stones and The Who to angry young rebels like Harry & Meghan.  From Princess Diana to David Bowie, Buckingham Palace to Abbey Road via the Dark Side of the Moon.

Explore, celebrate and discover these wonderful worlds never more vibrantly exhibited than in London where rock n royalty come together to the sound of trumpet voluntaries and howling Rickenbackers alike through the majesty of Marshall amps and the magic of monarchy.

Rock Icons

From the Beatles to the Who, Queen and David Bowie to name just a few; this tour picks up the trail of some of rock music's all time majestic masters of the art and much more. Sharing the stories and featuring the places associated with them that shaped the story of rock legends in London such as the Rooftop Concert, Abbey Road and other surprising stops.

Royal highlights

You'll see some of the top royal highlights in London on this tour including locations such as Wesminster Abbey, The Mall, St James Palace, Buckingham Palace and the ceremonial route made famous by great occassions of state over the year presented with a rock n royalty twist.

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, you and your guests will be given an exclusively private tour which means that you and your guests will have a dedicated experience. Upon request we can also co-ordinate with specialists to cater for certain special requests to make your experience the very best that it can be.

Bespoke Extras

From dining experiences to extended play options including pubs and special attractions, we can expand the itinerary of our Rock & Royalty tour to include visits to palaces, the home of Jimi Hendrix and a variety of other sights. If you don't know what to ask for, then please feel free to ask and we'll find out more about what we can suggest To find out more please contact

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"I cannot overstate how amazing our day was with Tom on his incredible tour. We wanted to see all the famous sites in London as my wife was a first timer in London. My request was to add locations from the music scene of the swinging 60s. Tom was beyond knowledgeable on British history and the 60s music scene, we learned so much. It was a thrill for me to see the locations from the 1960s music scene as well. I know Tom is a devoted fan of The Who-> and he would know all the spots to see. Too many highlights to try to even list. He really went above and beyond for us. I'd give him way more than 5 stars. It was a day of a lifetime!! I'd give him way more than 5 stars. It was a day of a lifetime!! Attached is our attempt to recreate the cover to The Who's My Generation album. "
Brian Lynch
United States

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Experience London through the lens of rock legends & the magic of monarchy

Chapter One - Diana, Coronations & Big Bongs

Before exploring ancient institutions of rock such as The Who and The Rolling Stones, we begin at Westminster Abbey, perhaps the most televised building in the world where billions have watched coronations, funerals including that of Diana, Princess of Wales and Queen Elizabeth II and weddings that have caught the attention of people around the world. And of course, the scene of Sir Elton John’s emotive performance of Candle In The Wind, the all time biggest selling single in history.

Chapter Two - Queen

No era will ever be as rock n roll as that of the Queen Elizabeth II, the late Her Majesty began her reign when Elvis hadn’t even shaken a hip and it ended with some of the wildest stars being knighted. Yet it when it comes to ever record breaking crowds of mass public admiration none of these have got a patch on her, especially at Buckingham Palace and along the Mall on occasion accompanied by badger loving, guitar legend and knight of the realm, Sir Brian May OBE.

Chapter Three: Rock Royalty & Arty Aristocrats

When the Beatles were in the ascendent, it was here in this most royal of all districts where John Lennon met the Avant Garde artist and Japanese aristocrat, Yoko Ono. We visit one of the locations with some of the richest histories in rock n royal connections and the rise of those amazing musicians who shaped the swinging sixties.

Chapter Four - Long To Reign O'er Us

It was one of the crowning achievements of the Beatles career and in a part of town where many other legendary figures from the world of rock made their mark.

Chapter Five -Coronation Street Music

Perhaps the most surprising of all connections between rock and royalty is that of how Jimi Hendrix came to live in the same house of the court composer of George I, Georg Frideric Handel, the genius who composed Zadok the Priest at the heart of the modern Coronation ceremony. However, in a most unexpected way, Jimi Hendrix also drew from one of Britain’s longest standing 20th century institutions in his music too. Visiting inside the Handel Hendrix House is available Wednesday to Sundays. Admission is additional to tour fees and can be included as either an extension to the tour (@£40 + admission) or for flying visits made part of our itinerary.

Chapter Six - Her Majesty's A Very Nice Girl

It seems appropriate that the last Beatles song sequenced on an album was entitled Her Majesty and even more so that it featured on an album featuring the most iconic road traffic crossing in England, which you’ll see when we visit Abbey Road

Experience Notes

This tour begins outside St James Park Station on Broadway in Westminster and ends in St John’s Wood near Abbey Road Studios.


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