Blenheim Palace & Oxford Private Tour

Blenheim Palace & Oxford Private Tour

Baroque Brilliance At The Birthplace Of Britain's Best

The London Storyteller invites you to join him on a privately guided tour to historic Oxford and a visit to the greatest of Britain’s palaces, Blenheim Palace.

This full day excursion from London to historic and picturesque Oxfordshire is a perfect alternative the hustle and bustle of London’s busy streets. 

Travelling by rail and local taxi (or a fully chauffeured service by prior arrangement); you’ll be taken to the historic royal manor of Woodstock to explore Sir Winston Churchill’s birthplace and the enduring seat of the Duke of Marlborough at Blenheim Palace.  

Rich in history, wonderful parkland and stunning treasures; Blenheim’s English baroque architecture so imaginatively conjured by Sir John Vanburgh and Nicholas Hawksmoor is unmatched in its scale and poignance in the British national psyche.


Enjoy lunch at one Woodstock’s charming local pubs offering fayre ranging from fine dining as well as unpretentious English pub grub which is increasingly hard to find in London itself.

We’ll make a detour to visit a quiet, nearby churchyard where Winston Churchill chose to be laid to rest, eschewing a monument in a grand setting like St Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey.

In Oxford we’ll enjoy a two hour walking tour combining some the city’s most famous buildings, famous anecdotes and the opportunity to visit some fascinating historic pubs.

This experience can be tailored further to your interests upon request and can also be offered as a mini-break including hotel accomodation if you would like to delve deeper into the ambience of this wonderful corner of England.


Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller, you and your guests will be given an exclusively private tour which means that you and your guests will have a dedicated experience. Upon request we can also co-ordinate with specialists to cater for certain special requests to make your experience the very best that it can be.

Bespoke Extras Available

We welcome requests for bespoke enhancements to your experience with us; this might be arranging a special meal or surprise. It could be extending the experience over multiple days or to include particular locations in Oxford like a tour of Christchurch College or seeing if there is a special private experience that you may like to try at Blenheim Palace itself. Please reach out to us using the form at the footer of this page and we will endeavour to help you make that dream come true!


We know from experience that the English weather can throw a few surprises. That's why we use our know-how to ensure that our tours make the most of your time regardless of the weather. Want to spend more time at Blenheim Palace exploring the spectacular parkland? No problem! Enjoying the splendid local vibe of Woodstock's The Star Inn so much that you want to while away the hours there? Can do! Fancy exploring the legednary Ashmolean Museum or taking a leisurely boat ride along the river Isis in Oxford? All this and more can be given priority as part of your experience.

Reliable Travel & Luxury Vehicles

This experience is offered in its standard form with travel by train from London to Oxford with local transfers by taxi included in the rates. Upon request a fully chauffeured service is also available using luxury and accessible vehicles. You will be accompanied by The London Storyteller throughout your journey. We can also arrange for you to picked up and dropped off for the London portion of your journey by prior arrangement. Adjustments to our itinerary can be accordingly to suit mobility.

Ready To Book? Let's make this dream come true!

To find out more about options for this tour and to make an enquiry to book, please contact us by email at or click the link below.

"It was a surreal experience to walk the streets and visit the places where Churchill lived and worked, interspersed with Tom’s recounting of the significance of such places to Churchill’ s life (while, indeed, touching upon other matters of interest along the way). Many tour guides provide a perfunctory experience which, while technically correct in regard to the content conveyed, do not leave any lasting impression. This is not so with Tom, whose anecdotes are shared with an evident passion and love for London, rich in detail, and which in our case, provoked interesting and engaging discussion. "
Daniel Davison


A Visit To The Greatest of Britain's PAlaces and the birthplace of Churchill with the wonders of nearby Oxford.

What follows is our recommended itinerary for this full day experience based upon rail travel but as there more than one way to tell a story please note that this may vary depending upon our judgement and indeed requests that you may make.
Chapter One - A Small Corner Of England

We’ll make a stop on our way to Benheim to visit the last resting place of one of Britain’s greatest, Sir Winston Churchill.

Chapter Two - Blenheim Palace

The greatest palace in the kingdom which remains the seat of the Duke of Marlborough to this day. Built as a monument and tribute to Winston Churchill’s great ancestor John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough understanding the story of the palace is both illuminating and not without intrigue itself.

Inside there is an opportunity to explore Blenheim’s state rooms and currently the Churchill Exhibition as well as the chapel.

Chapter Three: Park & Gardens

We’ll explore the stunning parks and gardens in which this architectural marvel sits, as well as the folly temple where Sir Winston Churchill proposed to Clementine Hozier

Other wonderful sights that can be seen include the Victory Column paying homage to the 1st Duke, the Italian Gardens, the Vanbrugh Bridge, the Secret Garden and other seasonal installations.
Chapter Four - Lunch

We have several recommendations to enjoy an traditional English pub lunch as well other options which are lighter and more elaborate in the pictureseque town of Woodstock which gives its name to the royal manor on which the palace is built.

Chapter Five - Exploring Oxford

Making our way back to Oxford, we’ll explore this historic city with its charming architecture, interesting acadamic anecdotes and splendid historic pubs. As well as a fine castle, Oxford is also home to the excellent Ashmolean museum, Bodleian llibrary, Radcliffe Camera, Sheldonian Theatre and Oxford botanic gardens.

We can elaborate upon this aspect of the itinerary upon request including featuring particular locations and in some cases private tours that may be required to access them (these may be subject surcharges).
Chapter Six - Homeward Bound

A simple, direct train ride back to London from Oxford will take us circa. 1 hour which can be scheduled to suit with your dinner plans if we are given notice in advance. Equally, we can also make arrangements for you take dinner in Oxford upon prior arrangement with recommendations avaiable.

Ready to book? Let's make that dream come true!

To find out more about options for this tour and to make an enquiry to book, please contact us by email at or click the link below.

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