Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park

Kensington Gardens & Hyde Park

Finding Neverland

This 2.5  private tour explores through the open green spaces of one of London’s most famous park with stunning architectural features, beautiful landscaping as well as rich royal and literary historical stories.

This is the perfect tour for you to escape the congestion of the centre of the city and discover a part of the city that offers a more leisurely pace of life.  

Curated to combine the park’s highlights with some lesser spotted sights; its a terrific leg stretcher that also delves deep into some of the people and personalities associated with its history from Henry VIII to Princess Diana and Peter Pan.

You’ll see places such as Kensington Palace, the Italian Water Gardens, the Albert Memorial, the Royal Albert Hall and the original setting for Neverland from the stories of the dramatist James Matthew Barrie.

For kids, there’s an opportunity to spend time at the Princess Diana Memorial playground, as well as quiet corners perfect to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of city.  

There plenty of great spots where you can continue your day nearby such as the Victoria & Albert, Science and Natural History Museum, as well as Apsley House to the east and Kensington Palace itself.  

This tour typically takes two hours thirty minuets and begins outside Queensway Station on the Central Line (red on the maps). It can be shortened on the by request.

Alternative meeting points around the park are available upon request and as a private tour, we can adapt the tour to your tastes along the way.

It can end either at South Kensington or at the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner near Buckingham Palace.

Historic Park

Acquired from Westminster Abbey by Henry VIII, the park was once a royal hunting ground and later was divided to create Kensington Gardens around Kensington Palace. In the 19th century, it hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851 with its spectacular Crystal Palace which has left a number of impressive architectural legacies and today remains a space where great gatherings of revellers witness concerts from master musicians including the Rolling Stones, Elton John, Adele, The Who and many more, as well as the annual Winter Wonderland.

Royal Stories

For those curious, this is a great tour for delving into some historic and contemporary royal stories from the 16th century up until in the present day with Kensington Palace remaining a storied royal residence to this day with the state rooms open to the public to view, a perfect way to follow on from your tour. From the Tudors to the Glorious Revolution, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to Princess Diana and her son Prince William's family; this tour offers an opportunity to delve into their stories or simply enjoy the splendid spaces that are fit for royals, subjects and visitors alike.

Private Guide

Hosted by The London Storyteller; you and your guests will be given an exclusively private tour which means that you and your guests will have a dedicated experience. Enjoy a relaxing stroll and discover the stories in a personalised fashion in a personable manner with many great photo opportunities that we'll happily help you to make the most of.

Peter Pan

The story of James Matthew Barrie and his most famous literary creation, Peter Pan, is one of the great charms of Kensington Gardens. More than just a setting adopted by a dramatist, the genesis of Neverland and its iconic characters are explored in this tour bringing the tales of Peter, Hook and Wendy home in a way that no other place can. This tour can take you to some of the locations featured in the original books and into the stories behind them.

Let's make this dream come true!

Our tour with Storyteller Tom was fantastic. Our flight was a little behind, but he was kind and flexible to work with us and our schedule. He did a wonderful showing us different parts of London and had great history knowledge and fun facts along way. We will definitely book him again the next time we are in London!
Jeff Crippen
Teaxas, United States

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Enjoy a wonderful walk in the park with stories, sights and much more.

Chapter One - Finding Neverland

We dive into the story of James Matthew Barrie and the origins of Pete Pan.

Chapter Two - Park Highlights

Exploring around the edge of Hyde Park and into Kensington Gardens, we’ll see some of the splendid sights that make this park one of London’s favourite places.

Chapter Three: Royal Stories

Ranging from historic tales such as the Glorious Revolution, the origins of Kensington Palace up to the contemporary royals; we’ll explore some of most famous figures associated with the park and nearby palace.

Chapter Four - Stunning Structures

This tour may be in a park its also rich with interesting architecture and compelling stories associated with the people, places and personalities connected with them.

Chapter Five: Splendid Serpentine
Making our way past the Diana Memorial Fountain along the great ornamental lake of the Serpentine, we’ll head toward the far south eastern edge of the park to the monumental Wellington Arch near Buckingham Palace.

Experience Notes

This tour begins outside Queensway Station and can end either at South Kensington (for V&A, Science Museum, Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall) or at the Wellington Arch (for Apsley House, Mayfair or Buckingham Palace).

Meeting Point

End Point

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