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The London Storyteller on Tourpreneur

Tom Barclay Matchett is featured in the latest podcast from Tourpreneur hosted by Shane Whaley exploring how he has successfully developed The London Storyteller’s bespoke and private tour offering.

Video Interview

Video Interview: The London Storyteller talks to Rare Finds Travel

A couple of weeks ago, The London Storyteller, was delighted to be invited for a video chat with Melanie Tucker from Rare Finds Travel, who design tailored travel experiences for her many loyal clients for locations around the world. Melanie … Read More

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VIDEO: The London Storyteller in Lockdown: The Diary of Samuel Pepys May 1st to 7th 1665

Recorded in London during lockdown in March 2020. The London Storyteller reads the Diary Of Samuel Pepys from 1665, an era with many simularities to our own. In this episode, Sam marvels at beehives, periwigs and his mother comes to … Read More

VIDEO: The London Storyteller in Lockdown: The Diary Of Samuel Pepys April 1st to 13th 1665

Read by The London Storyteller whilst in self-isolation (March 2020). In this episode, Sam wrestles with naval expenditure, lies down in bed and is pounced upon by several ladies, goes to sleep with a man and has bad wind.

Join The London Storyteller In Discovering The Magic Of AR History – Exclusive Free Trial Subscription Offer

Over the past few months The London Storyteller has been working with Swedish tech boffins Mixtive AB to develop content for their simply wizard AR History application. Using the magic of your smartphone and augmented reality, you can now conjure … Read More

The London Storyteller Bespoke Cultural Discovery

The London Storyteller Launches Consultancy & Cultural Attaché Services

PRESS RELEASE:  The London Storyteller Launches Consultancy & Cultural Attaché Services London.  15th June, 2018. The London Storyteller is a bespoke cultural discovery specialist helping visitors, relocating professionals, families and business teams to discover London through privately guided, bespoke experiences and … Read More

Telecom Tower: The New Tower Of London (Archive Video)

Barbican, 1969

Tall Buildings In London

For more than I decade I have lived on Mount View Road in Crouch End that winds its way along a ridge and one of the highest points in London. The change in the London skyline in that time has … Read More