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PRESS RELEASE:  The London Storyteller Launches Consultancy & Cultural Attaché Services

London.  15th June, 2018.

The London Storyteller is a bespoke cultural discovery specialist helping visitors, relocating professionals, families and business teams to discover London through privately guided, bespoke experiences and itineraries.  It is now expanding its service offering to include consultancy and cultural attaché services.

London ranks as one of the world’s largest and leading cities on many fronts from scale to tourism, money trading to historic locations; the city continues to develop rapidly with ambitious tall buildings sprouting up across its ancient skyline.  It has historically been a city of international confluence, a trend that in the light of recent political events seems likely to accelerate as the United Kingdom returns to a more globally centred outlook.

Such is the scope of London’s cultural oeuvre in a world where time is of the essence it is all the more understandable that visitors to ‘the finest city on earth’ may find themselves very low on essence.  Like many of the other great cities in the world, London is like a box of chocolates and for people visiting or relocating who are new to the city, you never know what you’re going to get.

Privately guided tours and bespoke cultural discovery in London

There are travel guides.  Websites.  Tours.  Tickets offers.  Reviews.  All of which may serve a guest well, though are not without their pitfalls as London’s #1 ranked restaurant on TripAdvisoir that claimed to serve “moods” rather “meals” – The Shed At Dulwich – showed when that it was literally a mischievous agent provocateur’s back garden serving cup-a-soups and frozen lasagne.

This is the risk that is posed to the uninitiated visitor or would-be Londoner and it is a veritable game of Russian Roulette with time, money and memories at stake.  As the world of travel and tourism slips deeper under the influence of global booking systems primed by digital algorithms driven by statistical analysis, the benefit of choice can be undermined by the complexity of ensuring quality of service to people as people.

The London Storyteller is determinedly independent of this trend.  Storytelling is by its nature a craft and The London Storyteller’s modus operandi is focused on providing personable, boutique experiences that are tailored to its guests.  This about facilitating cultural discovery as an art form and doing so from a structured professionally executed process underpinned by research and deep first hand knowledge of the city.

The boutique aspect is key as Founder Thomas Barclay Matchett explains,

“Finding the right pathway to discover this great city can be made harder through the sheer volume of choices and the impersonal nature of the comprehensive though not necessarily intuitive digital platforms that are dominating personal and business leisure travel.”

“Our mission is to treat people as individuals and give them the dedicated attention to detail that their trust is duly owed and our guests rightfully expect.  That’s why our experiences are privately hosted and why our bespoke cultural discovery offerings are our most successful.  As The London Storyteller continues to progress we know that we can do more by enhancing the depth of our services through consultancy and serving as a cultural attaché.  The essence of what we do remains though; storytelling about the people, places and personalities of the city is art form and the key to that art form is engaging mood, scope and content to make it relevant to our guests on a personal level that inspires, entertains and informs.”

The London Storyteller’s offering scales from a growing portfolio of core curated storytelling experiences that explores everything from the life of Winston Churchill to the birth of the United Kingdom and great everyday British cultural institutions such as historic hidden public houses to multi-day itineraries that explore the United Kingdom.

The London Storyteller now offers a cultural attaché service to businesses to simplify, enrich and guide corporate clients in helping their London operations to be in pole position for external and internal teams alike.

The London Storyteller offers bespoke cultural discovery in the finest city on earth.  Founded by Thomas Barclay Matchett it provides tailored discovery and privately guided storytelling experiences about the people, places and personalities that have made London the city it is today.  It serves guests from relocating families who are settling in, business travellers who want to enrich their London experience and tourists in making the most of their London adventure.  

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Founder, The London Storyteller


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