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Going Bespoke: Five Top London Highlights To Request

If you’re visiting London for the first time and are looking for  highlights to explore as part of a bespoke private London tour we’ve put together a list of the top five that you may like to request. Remember, bespoke … Read More

The London Storyteller Announces Internship Programme

The London Storyteller is working on a new project and is reaching out to budding storytellers and historians alike to join his team to help him make it happen. The ProjectA comprehensive book exploring how London’s people, places and personalities … Read More

Traditional afternoon tea laid out in a spread for the London Storyteller

Review: Afternoon Tea At The Guardsman

Off the leafy corners of St James’s Park and ensconced in threads of modern architecture is The Guardsman Hotel.  Wisely they have drawn upon the inspiration of best of aspects of their locale to create a fresh, enjoyable and fun take on that great English tradition of afternoon tea. … Read More

Montage of Samuel Pepys and his contemporaries

PODCAST: The Great Fire Of London through the diaries of Samuel Pepys read by The London Storyteller

I have often described the 17th century as the best century in history.   The Great Fire of London in September 1666 is one of the reasons why, though perhaps I should write “most fascinating” rather than “best” when one thinks … Read More

(VIDEO) AR History: Storytelling For A New Reality The story behind AR History started on a snowy day in February 2019, when I was hunted down by a mysterious and perfectly charming Swedish tech founder who had been scouring Europe to find a top tour guide to … Read More

A custom thumbnail with Samuel Pepys and the London Storyteller for a video of Pepys Diary from August 1665

VIDEO: The Diary Of Samuel Pepys: August 1665

It had been a rather heady end to the month of July in plague ridden London for Samuel Pepys, as he conspired on a love match between Lady Jemima Montagu and Philip Carteret, the younger son of Sir George Carteret. … Read More

Awesome August The London Storyteller Special Offer

Awesome August: Welcome back to the finest city on earth!

It’s great to opening the doors of London once more and with something very special to help make your August 2020 awesome! I know what a challenging few months it has been for many of us and also the great … Read More

VIDEO: The Diary Of Samuel Pepys 15th July to 20th July 1665

VIDEO: Who Was Samuel Pepys?

Today, The London Storyteller is resuming postings from a veritable treasure trove of episodes produced during lockdown sharing the Diary of Samuel Pepys from the year 1665. Check out our YouTube channel for the installment from July 15th to 20th … Read More

Video Blog: The London Storyteller Drinks Wine

In these days of lockdown, its a great opportunity to experiment with new content which is something that I am really enjoying. I am well ahead with my project to record readings of the Diary Of Samuel Pepys. Now, with … Read More