Today, The London Storyteller is resuming postings from a veritable treasure trove of episodes produced during lockdown sharing the Diary of Samuel Pepys from the year 1665. Check out our YouTube channel for the installment from July 15th to 20th 1665, which drops later this afternoon.

In the meantime, it does appear I have some catching up to do here on The London Storyteller’s website and that includes sharing with you now the prologue for the series asking the question, Who Was Samuel Pepys? which was originally published in May. I am posting it here for folks interested in discovering more about one of London’s great accidental storytellers.

Enjoy! We’re in something of fragmented, discombobulated lockdown still London but things are improving. Mercifully the numbers are looking better but its still sensible to be cautious when out and about; I’ve been thinking very carefully how this might translate in the tours and experiences that we offer. Its going to start happening again!

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