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Tom Barclay Matchett, Founder – The London Storyteller

I am really pleased to be launching our Bespoke Discovery Packages.  These formalise our offering in a way that is tailored to help make new Londoners feel at home faster by engaging them with the cultural treasures the city has to offer.  We want to connect them with a new life in London that inspires them through cultural storytelling and bespoke discovery.

We offer Gold, Silver and Bronze packages, which we believe will deliver clarity and flexibility to our customers.  They can start with half day of discovery in London or book as many as four full days (or eight half days) which can be experienced over a six week period.

The London Storyteller’s motto is ‘welcome to the finest city on earth’ and I believe that we live by that in how we serve our clients.  We see this as a great privilege, especially as it involves meeting and sharing this great city with some absolutely wonderful people.

London is an inspiring place, there is something for everyone and we are here to help guide that process through sharing the stories of the people, places and personalities that have made this, as we say, the finest city on earth.

In the tradition of Bond Street and Savile Row, our service is about creating experiences that properly fit our clients.  We want to guide them into their new London lives.  We think that this experience of discovering the city should be an inspiring one, as well as one that on occasion can bring reassurance especially when partners and family are involved.

Our bespoke discovery packages are structured and flexible.  We ask our clients what interests them and what their priorities are, which as required we research and compliment with many years of local knowledge and insight .  We provide our guests with a proposed itinerary and then consult with them to get the right balance for them.  We know from experience that some will be more prescriptive than others and we always embrace the opportunity to offer great recommendations.

We take a versatile approach as to how we deliver our guest’s experiences.  The places we visit can be anything from Roman ruins to Europe’s tallest skyscraper or a local spot to find great coffee and new friends.  We want the knowledge and stories that we share to be relevant, engaging, fun and inspiring for our guests.

Everything that we do is on a privately hosted basis.  This means that whether its one person or a whole family who join the experience, we will have tailored it to their needs from private walking tours to the best nightlife and family friendly itineraries developed in partnership with The London Nanny Consultant.

What we are doing with our Bespoke Discovery Packages is providing a formal, focused structure to the services that we have been providing since The London Storyteller’s journey first began and we are looking forward to welcoming many more new Londoners and their guests to help them start theirs.


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