In these days of lockdown, its a great opportunity to experiment with new content which is something that I am really enjoying. I am well ahead with my project to record readings of the Diary Of Samuel Pepys. Now, with tongue firmly in cheek, though with complete honest enthusiasm for the subject matter, I’ve decided to experiment with wine tasting.

Wine is something that The London Storyteller plans to do a lot more with and that isn’t just to pass the time during lockdown. In England, we have some stunning vineyards that have flourished over the last couple of decades. Our soil conditions in the south east of the country are similar in their acidity and qualities to those of the Champagne region in France in the mid-20th century.

Sadly, I’m not in a position to share musings on some of the delicious sparkling whites that we are producing but in this first video, I’m pleased to share musings on a rather lovely meaty Italian red, a 2018 Corsiero Nero made with the historic Nero di Troia grape.

If you are interested in discovering some of the delights of England’s burgeoning wine making culture, then please do reach out to The London Storyteller to find out how we can facilitate vineyard tours and tastings for your time here in the finest city on earth!

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